The 6th AnimeJapan. The theme is “ROCK”

AnimeJapan Organization

The 6th AnimeJapan. The theme is “ROCK”!
One of the biggest anime events in the world AnimeJapan 2019
The biggest exhibition area ever!
Accepting booth and stage exhibition applications!

AnimeJapan Organization has announced the start of exhibitor registration for AnimeJapan 2019 and Family Anime Festa 2019, that will take place in Tokyo Big Sight between March 22 and 25 2019. The registration is open until November 16 (Fri).

“Rock” was decided as the theme for the 6th edition of AnimeJapan (6 = “roku” in Japanese) and various interesting projects are being prepared in line of this year's concept.

We are expecting exhibitions from not only anime production studios, publishers and merchandise makers, but also companies dealing with music, hobbies, schools and other companies and organizations connected to anime industry.

Details on AnimeJapan 2019 exhibition registration at AnimeJapan Official Website:

■AnimeJapan 2019 http://www.anime-japan.en
Public Days: March 23 (Sat) – 24 (Sun), 2019 10:00-17:00 ※Last admission: 16:30
Business Days: March 25 (Mon), 2019 10:00-19:00 ※Last admission: 18:30
March 26 (Tue), 2019 10:00-18:00 ※Last admission: 17:30

■Family Anime Festa 2019
March 23 (Sat) – 24 (Sun), 2019 10:00-17:00 ※Last admission: 16:30

Not as special as the 5th anniversary, and still a year before the Olympics.
The task of coming up with a theme for this year seemed difficult, but one thing we were certain of was that this edition will most likely be bigger than ever.
This is undoubtedly all thanks to our valued attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude.

It is thanks to all of all the challenges, experiences, and opinions of everyone involved, that we were able to build AnimeJapan into what it is today.
That, however, is exactly why we cannot simply follow in our own footsteps. We would rather break the mold!! When such feelings in mind, we return back to the theme we spoke of.

“This is the 6th (6=roku in Japanese) time!”, we thought.
That's what inspired AnimeJapan 2019's theme: “ROCK”.

Now then, this will be the final AnimeJapan of the Heisei era!
Let us all get excited!!

This year's highlights!!

1. 150,000 visitors! Over 241 exhibitors!
Overseas Buyers from over 30 countries, more than 1,300 press representatives from Japan and abroad!

2. The biggest ever exhibition area!
Accepting applications from production studios, publishers, merchandise makers and other companies and organizations connected to anime industry

3. 4 big stages!
4 AJ Stages open to exhibitors, 2 stages for 1,000 viewers and 2 for 500 viewers!

4. Family Anime Festa even more family-friendly!
Venue changed to East Hall 3, with better accessibility! More events for the whole family in preparations.

5. Extended open hours and more space in the Business Area!
Business Area will be held on 1st and 6th floor of the Conference Tower, with open hours extended by 3 hours in total.
Business Days will for the first time take place after Public Days, giving business visitors the opportunity to talk about titles announced during the weekend.

AnimeJapan 2019/Family Anime Festa 2019 Introduction

AJ Stage
We are preparing 4 stages full of entertainment contents, 2 for 1,000 viewers and 2 for 500 viewers! Talk sessions, live concerts, and many other programs will be carried out by popular ongoing titles and long-awaited new anime. *Viewing AJ Stages require advance application and taking part in a lottery.

Cosplayer's World
Aside from the popular "Official Backgrounds", last year's "Cosplay Parade" will return with more power! We are planning to create a space filled with entertainment for all Cosplayers to enjoy.
Check the latest updates on the Cosplayer's World at
⇒ Official Twitter @AnimeJapan_Cos

Official Goods
The theme for AnimeJapan 2019 is "ROCK".
We are planning special items inspired by the theme, with original illustrations prepared especially for AnimeJapan.

Manga we want to see animated
"Manga we want to see animated" ranking is coming back! We are accepting your title nominations. Nominated works for the upcoming poll will be selected based on your applications.
The poll will take place later to determine the "Manga we want to see animated" from 2018 titles. The results will be announced at AnimeJapan 2019 venue!
Application Period: Oct 1 [Mon] 2018 - Oct 31 [Wed], 2018
Application Format AnimeJapan 2019 Official Website:

Production Works Gallery
Production Works Gallery has been venturing behind the scenes of anime productions many times. This time we will take a closer look at "Sound in Anime", exploring many jobs and creative aspects of anime.

Business Area
Overseas Buyers from over 30 countries, business meetings on domestic and international level. A service answering various inquiries about anime business will also be provided, to help industry beginners.

Family Anime Festa 2019
Character stages, character greetings, play corners, food area and other family oriented contents, all in Family Anime Festa with free entry for children and their guardians.

Event Outline

Event Name: AnimeJapan 2019 / Family Anime Festa 2019

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (3-10-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0063)
East Exhibition Halls, East Hall 1-8 [Public Days]
Reception Hall, Conference Tower 1F, 6F Conference Rooms [Business Days]
East Exhibition Hall 3 Family Anime Festa 2019]

Public Days: 10:00-17:00 on Mar 23 [Sat] - 24 [Sun], 2019 *Last admission 16:30
Business Days: 10:00-19:00 on Mar 25 [Mon], 2019 *Last admission 18:30
10:00-18:00 on Mar 26 [Tue], 2019 *Last admission 17:30

Organizer: AnimeJapan Organization

Contents: Public Days: Exhibition booths (displays, sales) / AJ Stage / Organizer's programs, etc.
Business Days: Exhibition booths / business meetings

Visitors: 155,000 (Previous edition: 152,331)

Tickets: On sale from late January 2019.
Advance sales: Junior high students and over: \1,800 (incl. tax)
On-site tickets: Junior high students and over: \2,200 (incl. tax)
*Elementary students and under: free
*In order to enter Business Area, "Business Registration" is required.
*Family Anime Festa: free entry for children under the age of 12 and their guardians.

Website: https://www.anime-japan.en/
Twitter: @animejapan_aj (hashtag: #animejapan)
Administration Office: AnimeJapanAdmnistration Office (Sony Music Communications)

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