J-Novel Club Announces the Digital Release of Part 1 of The Holy Knight's Dark Road

Forget being a Paladin, Dark Knights are so much cooler!

(SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – October 11, 2019)
J-Novel Club LLC is proud to announce the digital launch of Part 1 of The Holy Knight's Dark Road from Hobby Japan. Written by Yusaku Sakaishi and illustrated by Heiro, this 2019 adventure fantasy light novel was originally announced as a license at Anime Expo 2019. The Holy Knight's Dark Road was also a Gold Prize winner at the 12th Hobby Japan Bunko Contest! The first part of this novel is available for members on j-novel.club to read today, plus a free preview for everyone else!

As the famed Holy Knight, Sain is showered with love, respect, and the blessings of a literal goddess. However, his aspirations lie elsewhere—to become his very antithesis, the Dark Knight. There's just one problem: He can't use dark magic. At all.

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Announced Title List:

The Holy Knight's Dark Road by Yusaku Sakaishi with Illustrations by Heiro


The young Sain Forth has it made. As the famed Holy Knight, he enjoys the love of his people, the respect of his ruler, and the blessings of a literal goddess. Or, at least, he should enjoy them, but Sain's aspirations lie elsewhere. His assistant, Melia, by his side, he sets sail for the academy of a foreign kingdom, only to be treated as a deviant by his peers. It's his own fault, mind you—his stubborn insistence on wearing a custom, all-black uniform makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

But he isn't the only outcast at the academy. His classmate, Alicia—born into the Clan of Light yet unable to use anything but fire magic—faces a similar struggle, and so the two quickly become allies.

However, when she proposes they go searching for a holy sword hidden deep within the academy's dungeon, he hesitates—dungeons are dangerous, monster- ridden places, after all. Eventually he reconsiders, but on one condition: “I want a doom sword. Not a holy sword, okay? A doom sword.”

And so, his friends in tow, Sain ventures forth into the perilous unknown, driven by his one true wish: To become the coolest, edgiest, and most awesome existence imaginable, the Dark Knight.

There's just one problem: He can't use dark magic. Like, at all.

J-Novel Club is a digital publishing company started by translators and fans like you! Founder Sam Pinansky decided to gather together the best group of Japanese to English translators and editors work on fan-favorite licenses. By focusing on digital releases and providing a membership service to let people read the books as soon as they are translated, their goal is to build a community of light novel readers and to grow the market, so that more and more releases can be officially licensed and translated. J-Novel has had over 200 volumes published in 2 years.

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