'Crayon Shinchan The Storm Called! Flaming Kasukabe Runner!!' Has Come to the Nintendo Switch

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020

Bushiroad, Inc.

Highly popular runner game CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called! FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER!!” has come to the Nintendo Switch™! Available for download at the Nintendo e shop!

Bushiroad Inc. (HQ: Nakano, Tokyo. CEO: Yoshitaka Hashimoto) is proud to announce that the popular endless runner game for smartphones with 8 million users “CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called! FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER!!” (hereafter, Kasubake Runner) has been made available for the Nintendo Switch™ in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico) and can be downloaded from the Nintendo e shop.

■ About “CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called! FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER!!” The endless runner game, released for smartphones in 2014, has the user control the fiercely dashing Shinchan as you dodge various obstacles while collecting sweets along the way. The controls are as simple as tapping the screen, so children and adults of all ages can enjoy.

【Game Introduction 】 Everyone's favorite five year old, Shinnosuke, makes a Fierce Dash to collect sweets and Golden Balls. Get lots of different costumes using Golden Balls, obtained by proceeding from one stage to another and completing special missions! Enjoy Shinchan and his friends wearing a variety of cosplay clothes, well known to people familiar with anime and movies!

■ Limited to the Nintendo Switch ™ Built in stage selection feature! In the original game that is now available for the Nintendo Switch ™ , you can select stages as opposed to the smartphone version. The stages are divided into Normal Stage and Movie Stage. New stages are unlocked by progressing through the game and collecting Shinchan cosplay outfits, so be sure to collect lots of them and clear all the stages!

■ Product specification ・ Title CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called! FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER!! ・ Release Date January 14, 2020 ・ Category Action ・ Platform Nintendo Switch™ ・ Rating (ESRB) E EVERYONE ・ No.of Players 1player ・ Languages English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese ・ Publisher Bushiroad Inc. ・ Developer OperaHouse Corporation ・ Copyright © Yoshito Usui / Futabasha ・ SHIN EI ・ TV AsahiADK © Bushiroad All Rights Reserved. ※ This product is a port of the smartphone application version “CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called! FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER!!" with original elements.

■ About Bushiroad , Bushiroad Inc is a company specializing in trading card games, mobile games, IP intellectual property ・ character rights planning, development, and production, using mixed media to bring the same 2d characters to the 3d world Operations are split into entertainment and sports In entertainment, trading card games like Weiß Schwarz” and Cardfight!! Vanguard” are managed by our TCG division, mobile games like BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” and “Love Live! School Idol Festival” are managed by our mobile online game (MOG) division, additionally we have our music division, merchandising (MD) division, and media division, which all work to create a one stop mixed media business model In the sports sector, we have an events division, merchandizing division, and content division In recent years, Bushiroad International Pte Ltd was established in November 2010 to expand the overseas market for Bushiroad card games and content Furthermore, in May 2012 Bushiroad USA Inc was established in Los Angeles, California

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