Global C2C Anime Goods Free-market Nerz Express Has Been Released

[No borders exist for what you LOVE] Global C2C anime goods free-market Nerz Express has been released!

TOKYO, JAPAN - August 11, 2020 - UBW Inc. (Head office: Suginami-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Ryusei Tosa, hereinafter referred to as “UBW”) has released NerzExpress (hereinafter NerzEx), a C2C free service that allows you to sell and purchase anime goods around the world.

◼︎Development Background
Originally, UBW operated a media that introduced anime-related events in Japan to English-speaking countries and introduced creators who are active in Japan such as cosplayers and illustrators. While interacting with the users of the media, we have got the opinion that it was inconvenient to buy goods for oversea otakus, therefore we immediately started working on this issue and started to develop our current service, NerzEx.

We are providing development opportunities every day in order to contribute to the expansion of the market by providing a place where we can boost the culture of Japan's first culture (such as anime-related subcultures), which is growing rapidly overseas.

◼︎Service Overview
There are two major functions in the global C2C free market.

One is to simply register the item and sell them within the service.
If you're a user in Japan, the items you're thinking of letting go may be commonplace in Japan, but some people may want it overseas which brings so many values for oversea otakus.
Of course, we also support domestic sales.

The other is the purchasing agent or the function of giving away the goods at hand for a fee.
It is a function where to get or buy the product that you or someone else requested, regardless of domestic and overseas. Of course, you can send whatever you have already. You will also receive a reward (tips) when the requestor purchases your suggestion towards his/her request bringing benefits to both the requestor and the

In the overseas beta test released only with the request function, it has already been used by more than 500 people.

◼︎Other Media Service
UBW provides other services as well such as ones listed below through an exotic cutie named Nazuna (company image character) providing all sorts of otaku information.

- Nerz Media page:

A media site where we post articles based on anime-related events and information.
If you are looking for detailed information about big events in Japan, this is the perfect place to come and see.

- Twitter: [email protected]なずな (@nerz_jp)
- Facebook: Nazuna (@NERZ.JP)
- Instagram: [email protected]なずな (@nerz_jp)

Up-to-date information is posted/tweeted providing entertaining facts and knowledge to oversea users. Get the same information you can get here in Japan and enjoy your otaku life through the latest information!

◼︎Company Information
UBW Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Location: 1-2-1, Momoi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ryusei Tosa, CEO
Established: December 2019

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