Studio Ghibli 7inch Vinyl Record Box Set Pre-orders Open at Animate International

TOKYO JAPAN – January 19, 2021 – Online store Animate International has opened pre-orders for a STUDIO GHIBLI 7inch Vinyl Record Box Set.

These 7-inch vinyl records are the ultimate re-release of famous music from the world-renown Studio Ghibli.
The theme songs of films from Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, which premiered 35 years ago, Castle in the Sky, and My Neighbor Totoro are widely beloved to this day, and have even featured in musical theory textbooks.
These vinyl record EPs are perfect re-releases of the originals, collected into a box set! They have been newly remastered, capturing the sound quality vinyl records are known for - something you must experience for yourself.
¥6,000 Release Date: 04/24/2021
※Pre-orders close Feb 10 2021

※Specifications: BOX SET
Re-released 7-inch Vinyl Record x4
+ Bonus Disc (Color: Pink) x1
+Original Adapter
(※Fits in the center of the large center hole featured on these records.)

1. Nausica of the Valley of the Wind/Kaze no Yousei
Vocals: Narumi Yasuda (01/25/1984: ANS-2008)
2. Moshimo Sora wo Tobetara/Virgin Road Nanka Iranai
Vocals: Yoko Obata (05/25/1986: 7AGS-7)
3. My Neighbor Totoro/Kimi wo Nosete
Vocals: Azumi Inoue (10/25/1987: 7AGS-12)
4. My Neighbor Totoro/Sanpo
Vocals: Azumi Inoue (03/25/1988: 7AGS-14)
5. Bonus Disc: Kimi wo Nosete/My Neighbor Totoro
Crystal Audio ※Color Disc

●Discs 1-4 = Re-releases of the original EPs.
●Bonus Disc 5 = Crystal Audio Instrumental.
New cover art. Discs feature pink color not seen on originals.
●Adapter = Studio Ghibli Original Adapter

Animate International is also currently taking orders for a great number of other Ghibli vinyl records, available to view here.

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