New 24-hour Live YouTube Channel Features Classic 'Initial D' Footage Soundtracked by Eurobeat Hits

Fans of anime, Japanese custom cars and Eurobeat, listen up!

Fans of anime and Eurobeat music, look out for HI-BPM STUDIO 24/7 Live Radio! This new crossover YouTube channel launching January 21 will feature footage from classic street-racing anime series ‘Initial D’ soundtracked by Eurobeat hits, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

HI-BPM STUDIO 24/7 Live Radio

The Eurobeat genre has fans all around the world, generating hundreds of millions of views on YouTube via livestreams and videos. With its roots in the hi-NRG dance music genre, Eurobeat exploded into life on mainland Europe in the 1980s.

By the '90s, production of Eurobeat mainly came from northern Italy, but by then the genre had become a major influence on the Japanese music scene, with its up-tempo beats and easily memorable melodies. In particular, car enthusiasts consider the genre perfect for driving to, as the music conveys an exciting sense of speed.

Amid this background, the anime series ‘Initial D’ began broadcasting in 1998, a show in which sportscar drivers compete in thrilling battles on the mountain passes of Japan, and many of these heated scenes were soundtracked by Eurobeat music. The show has fans all around Asia, North America and the rest of the world, and as a result, Eurobeat has become a favorite genre of custom-car obsessives everywhere.

In recent years, the popularity of custom-car culture has spread in countries around the world, and has long been popular in Japan. Now gearheads in every corner of the globe are tuning Japanese cars like characters in an anime.

When HI-BPM STUDIO 24/7 Live Radio launches on January 21, its all-day, all-night live broadcasts will allow fans to hear endless Eurobeat tunes like on a radio station, while also enjoying the sense of speed and power of a selection of battle scenes from ‘Initial D’. And since it will be streaming live on YouTube, viewers will be able to chat with other fans in real-time while listening to the same tunes together.

The channel name will include the subtitle 'ENERGY, SPEED, POWER, EUROBEAT, UPLIFTING DANCE SOUND', so users will know exactly what they're getting. And of course, the playlist will include music from the ‘Initial D’ anime series.

Recently the chillout genre has been booming, but the music on HI-BPM STUDIO 24/7 Live Radio offers the polar opposite experience – the channel's message is less “chill out” and more “cheer up”. Let's face it, that's an outlook we could all use in this day and age. Tune in for the energetic combination of classic Japanese animation and high-tempo dance music to truly get your engine revving.

HI-BPM STUDIO 24/7 Live Radio

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