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BLUE LOCK Releases 2nd TV Series Teaser Visual with Video

Second Season Introduces Two New Characters with Updated Cast Information Now Available on the OFFICIAL BLUE LOCK Website

Watch the official teaser HERE

Los Angeles, California (May 30. 2024) — In anticipation of the its second season coming out October 2024, BLUE LOCK has released its second teaser visual, showcasing the main cast of Yoichi Isagi, Rin Itoshi, Ryusei Shidou clad in their signature aura accompanied by the rest of the cast displayed as puzzle pieces. To further bring the visual to life, a matching video was also released for fans to enjoy some memorable lines from their favorite egoist.

The new visual teases two new characters to the series, Yo Hiori, who will be voiced by Eiji Mikami, and Nanase Nijiro, voiced by Kakeru Hatano. For fans who have not read the manga, Yo Hiori is a prodigal talent known for his accuracy, reading his opponent's movements, and ball retention, but is searching for his greater purpose in life. Nanase Nijiro, also new to the series, is a young, bright, spirited striker willing to do anything to survive in Blue Lock despite his lack of outstanding physical abilities.

Both Eiji Mikami and Nanase Nijiro had the following to say about their new characters:

◆Yo Hiori
VA: Eiji Mikami

Eiji Mikami commented:

Q1. Impression of this work?
When I first came into contact with this work, I was strongly struck by its overlap with my profession as a voice actor. As someone who is also pursuing a dream in voice acting, I was repeatedly moved by the persistence and enthusiasm of the egoists. It made me realize that this strong will is what I am lacking now and I am truly honored to have been given this role in BLUE LOCK.

Q2. Impressions and enthusiasm for the character you play?
I thought he's lovely! At the same time, unlike the other members of BLUE LOCK, I could not see any passion or strong emotions playing soccer from him. In fact, I felt as if he separates himself from the game, creating a wall between himself and soccer.... I would like to express that "distance from soccer" with great care. I will try my best to not fall behind Yo Hiori and the other characters! I am nervous, but excited!

◆Nijiro Nanase
VA: Kakeru Hatano

Kakeru Hatano commented:

Q1. Impression of this work
When I watched the first season of the anime I found it to be a very humanistic work. Each of the characters has encountered soccer in a different environment and worked hard. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it falls apart... In my opinion, BLUE LOCK showcases the extremes of this well, with scenes sometimes truly depicting the player's passion and sometimes showing how cruel the reality can be.

Q2. Impressions and enthusiasm for the character you play
Nijiro Nanase is honest and cheerful! He speaks in a dialect different to the other cast members that I think is a bit cute. He often expresses his feelings and thoughts through his facial expressions that further go to show how honest he is. I would like to reflect that honesty in how I depict the character and will do my best to bring that to life!

An overview of BLUE LOCK's second season and introductions for Yo Hiori, Nijiro Nanase, and returning characters are now available on the official BLUE LOCK website. We will continue to announce information regarding the TV anime BLUE LOCK on our official website & X (formerly Twitter), with the broadcast set to begin in October 2024. Keep an eye on the website and BLUE LOCK THE MOVIE -EPISODE NAGI-, the blockbuster feature set to arrive in North American theaters on June 28.

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