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Anime Local on Tata Play Just Released Black Clover and Here are 5 Reasons We Can't Keep Calm

~Anime Local on Tata Play brings the anime world to you in 3 regional languages, viewers now get to enjoy their favorite Anime content in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam~

Japanese culture has taken the world by a storm, and we couldn't be happier! Their food, rich tapestry and Anime once can' take enough of any. Tata Play recently launched a dedicated Anime service - Anime Local, which showcases excellent Anime content in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Anime Local on Tata Play received a grand debut and that's got everyone talking about it. The first few content showcases are Yūki Tabata's Black Clover, a dramatic, larger-than-life anime series that boasts of fascinating plot, mesmerizing storyline, excellent artworks and most importantly the charm of the anime world every day at 7 pm on Anime Local on Tata Play.

Fascinating Plot

The story is set in a fantastical world where wizards prevail and magic is in the air. The central plot follows a young ambitious but ill-fated boy named Asta who does not possess any magical powers unlike his friends and sworn enemy Yuno. Asta is not deterred by this and aims to challenge the status quo and become the next Wizard King. Various plot twists and character developments form the crux of the plot and make Black Clover a delightful watch to start your day with.

Relatable Characters

Each character in the show is incredibly detailed with a rich and complex backstory. The characters deal with various problems mirroring reality, be it dealing with a troubled family or complaining about their siblings, the audience manages to relate to the character which makes the experience of watching the show more endearing for the audience.

Blast From The Past

The illustrations and designs in the show feel strikingly similar to another popular action-comedy anime. Yūki Tabata, the head illustrator and creator of Black Clover draws inspiration for the show from the celebrated anime series Dragon Ball. Tabata's vision for the show aims to build upon every character in the show and give them the focus they deserve while making an everlasting impression on the audience.

Enterprising Adaptations

Black Clover is loved and highly appreciated all round the world and has been adapted into various forms of media. The anime was picked up for a feature film titled Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King which was released in Japanese and English. The anime has also been adapted into novels, stage plays and conceptual, high-definition video games and mobile games.

Electrifying Background Music

The incredible soundtrack and the theme song undoubtedly manage to stun the audience throughout the series and keep their eyes glued to the screens in anticipation of what's to come next. The fast action beats coupled with the slow melancholic notes make for an amazing addition to the otherwise engaging show.

~Black Clover is available on Anime Local on Tata Play channel number 681~

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