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Episode 140

by Amy McNulty,

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It wouldn't a Boruto filler period without at least one Team 10-focused excursion. This week, Inojin and Cho-Cho find themselves back in the spotlight after the former encounters difficulty using the Mind Transfer Jutsu during a mission. Wishing to finally get a handle on this technique, Inojin enlists the aid of Cho-Cho and his parents, but the training is thrown into chaos when Ino and Sai engage in a heated argument. In an effort to calm things down, Inojin attempts to use the technique on each of his parents. Although he's able to swap minds with his father, Ino quickly sees through this ruse, giving way to even more fireworks. When Inojin goes for broke and attempts to use the technique on his mother, his willpower is insufficient to take over her mind—but in reminding her of how much she loves her husband, he's able to bring an end to the fighting. As evidenced by his ability to seize control of Cho-Cho's mind at the end of the episode, his proficiency at mind-transferring is on the rise.

Since Inojin has struggled to use the Mind Transfer Jutsu in high-risk situations in the past, making the stakes more grounded is an interesting turn for the show to take. Not only does his parents' fighting cause Inojin noticeable distress, it also serves as a conflict the show's target audience is likely to find relatable. That being said, the screenwriters probably could have handled this aspect of the episode better. While mostly played for laughs, the prolonged argument between Ino and Sai is instantly grating, awkward to the point of being uncomfortable to watch, and not over-the-top enough to be particularly funny. Some allowances can be made in light of the show's fantastical setting and the fact that its main characters are ninja, but a distressed child watching one of his parents repeatedly attempt to punch the other is a little too dark to be humorous—at least in the way it's presented here. (If this type of conflict is the norm in the Yamanaka household, it's hard not to feel bad for Inojin.)

The impetus for the fight (Sai suggesting that Inojin take a break from Mind Transfer training to practice the Super Beast Scroll) doesn't seem severe enough to trigger this big an argument. While it's true that Ino's always had a short fuse to rival Sakura's, her getting this angry in response to Sai's suggestion strains credulity somewhat. Throwing a prolonged temper tantrum and airing all of her marital grievances in front of her son and his friend doesn't feel particularly true to character, especially in light of the maturity Ino displayed by the end of the parent series. Furthermore, Cho-Cho informing Inojin that it's his fault his parents are fighting seems like a horrible idea to place in the heads of younger viewers.

As usual, Cho-Cho is far too forgiving of Inojin's jerkiness and proves to be a better friend than he deserves. However, his mild depression manages to make him more respectful of her this week, and he seems genuinely grateful for her assistance and advice. (Of course, by episode's end, it appears that their old dynamic is alive and well.) After rejecting the Yamanaka Clan's Mind Control Jutsu for so long—despite initially accepting it in an earlier episode—it's nice to see him finally come into his own with the technique. While Team 10 is among the most frequently utilized set of secondary characters, it's not often that Shikadai steps aside and lets Inojin and Cho-Cho take the spotlight. In that respect, the episode is entertaining enough, although it's difficult to overlook some of its cringier “comedic” aspects.


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