Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Episode 145

by Amy McNulty,

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Team 7 begins setting their escape plan into motion as Kokuri's transfer date looms ever closer in this week's Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. After formulating a plan that involves messing with the prison's water supply and sneaking onto an outgoing ship, the gang hits a couple of snags. For starters, Kedama, who has a reputation for snitching, overhears our heroes discussing their forthcoming escape. However, after Mitsuki is able to subdue him, we discover that the rumor about him thwarting his best friend's escape attempt was just a lie propagated by Benga. Shortly before Boruto and company are able to get rolling on the escape, Benga catches wind of Sarada's snooping, attacks her, and leaves her lying unconscious in a pit. Although the boys are hesitant to follow through with the escape without Sarada's signal, they ultimately decide to make their move as scheduled.

Since Team 7 still has access to their various ninjutsu, their escape plan seems a bit complicated. Theoretically, they could just bust through the walls and run on water until reaching the mainland, but in fairness, it wouldn't be much of an escape story if the kids took full advantage of their abilities. Their decision to play it safe and take things quietly also allows for plenty of time to explore Kedama's background and set up a redemption arc of sorts. Since he missed his previous window for escape and got his best friend killed in the process, Kokuri's plight provides him with the perfect opportunity to step up to the plate and come to grips with his past. Sure, he vowed to avoid getting involved with other people in the wake of his friend's death, but the gentle giant may yet prove to be just the trump card the gang needs. There's no denying that this type of character is a predictable staple in prison fiction, but his backstory is handled competently enough, and this storyline isn't exactly trying to reinvent the wheel.

Between coming up with the escape plan and going toe-to-toe with Benga, Sarada is given quite a bit to do this week. Still, the fact that Benga would take this long to realize something is off about the intrepid young reporter who's been researching the prison with minimal supervision for days on end strains credulity. Furthermore, as was the case last week, dumb luck is the main component in his victory. (It's also a little strange that Sarada is consistently referred to as a “woman” by prison staff. Her disguise doesn't really age her up.) Fortunately, he's not smart enough to realize that a shinobi—known widely for their agility and ability to jump long distances—could possibly jump out of a pit she falls into and doesn't bother finishing her off.

With Kokuri days away from certain doom, time is of the essence, and so far, Team 7 has managed to remain calm in the face of mounting pressure. Nonetheless, they're still genin, and after coming up with such a complicated plan of action, it's only natural that a few problems would arise. Now that the chips are down and Kedama is looking to prove himself, all the pieces are in place for an action-packed prison escape.


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