Overlord III
Episode 5

by Theron Martin,

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Episode 5 continues to prove the Overlord franchise worthy of its growing popularity. Though Ains doesn't appear until late in this story about Carne Village's defense against an attack, his stamp is firmly on the situation from both sides. It's time for the defenders to prove their resolve against great threats, and more peripherally, whether or not Lupisregina will actually follow orders properly about defending key personnel. On the attacker's side, all signs point towards the Giant of the East having been zombified, I'm guessing to keep the challenge reasonable.

And until Lupisregina finally intercedes to put down a troll harrying Nphirea and Enri, we get a solid battle out of the deal. Goblins have never looked better as they lead the defense of the village and pull out all their tricks to deal with the oncoming threat, including the savvy employment of human militia archers. Meanwhile, Nphirea and Enri play tag with an infiltrating troll in order to stall him, and Nphirea gets to show off that he has some magic combat skills of his own. These aren't raw slugfests but fights where the heroes must use their heads to minimize their disadvantages as much as possible, which makes the struggle equally fun to watch. Nphirea, who's been milquetoast in most of his appearances so far, acquits himself impressively even though he's not even on the level of the lizard men, much less the denizens of Nazarick.

The battles also pair nicely with the more lighthearted visit to Nazarick to follow. Enri dresses up well, but it's all of the little idiosyncrasies on display that make this moment fun, whether it's Ains being charmed by Enri's little sister, the way Enri takes her tea, or her enthusiasm for Nphirea learning “spice magic.” Seeing the two finally start to be more open about their feelings is also neat. This episode doesn't offer any significant hint about where the story might go next, especially with the final scene feeling like a wrap for the story arc, but the technical merits are still solid and the cast has consistently proven reliable. I have little concern about the series' future at this point.

Rating: A-

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