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Go to Japan with ANN and PacSet Travel!

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Anime News Network is going to Japan, and this time we want to bring you with us. Visit Ghibli Park, relax in an onsen and grab some amazing Japanese food with us this October.

Back in 2020, Anime News Network was planning an amazing trip to Japan for our readers. Unfortunately... things happened... Now that Japan is welcoming visitors again, our plans to go to Japan with a few of our readers are back on track!

PacSet was founded in 2011 by Evan Miller, a former ANN writer. Since then, dozens of ANN readers have gone to Japan with PacSet and Evan, in 2020 we felt it was time to do something special, but now we're going overboard! To make up for the 3-year wait, as well as to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, PacSet travel has put together an even more amazing tour package for our readers.

This October and November, spend 7 to 18 days in Japan with ANN and PacSet.

From historic temples and soba making experiences to the futuristic TeamLab Planets and Giant Gundam statues, and so much more. Whether you want to relax in an authentic onsen or go shopping along Nakano Broadway, this tour will check everything off your otaku bucket list.

On top of this, ANN writers will be joining the tour from time to time for cool excursions or just to grab dinner with the group.

Check out the ANN x PacSet site for a full itinerary (including the brand-new Ghibli Park)!

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