Sound Decision
His and Her Circumstances #1

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: His and Her Circumstances Original Soundtrack - Act 1.0
Artist: Shiro Sagisu
Label: Geneon Anime Music

Release Date: 2004-01-20
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


Overachiever Yukino Miyazawa was the perfect student both academically and athletically... that is, until the arrival of the handsome and equally gifted Souichiro Arima. Locked into a battle of wills to out-do and out-score each other, Yukino and Souichiro discover that equals really do attract, but will romance overcome their heated rivalry?

That question remains to be answered, but what isn't in question is the standout soundtrack to this refreshingly innovative romantic comedy. "His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0" balances addictive vocal songs with distinctive background music by "Evangelion" composer Shiro Sagisu that skillfully spotlights both the heartfelt and hilarious moments that fans fondly remember. This CD includes the delightful opening song, "An Angel's Promise" and the catchy ending theme, "Into the Dream," along with 22 other charming instrumentals.

Track list:

An Angel's Promise
Synopsis So Far
Miyazawa Yukino I
Miyazawa Yukino II
Peaceful Days
Peaceful and Well
Friendly Rivalry
World in Peace
We Meet Only to Part
Arima Souichiro II
Arima Souichiro I
Into the Dream II
The Miyazawas
Cart Before the Horse
Miyazawa Yukino III
Coexistence and co-prosperity
Miyazawa Yukino IV
Miyazawa Yukino V
Into the Dream III
Treasure Every Meeting
Into the Dream III
Synopsis of the Next Episode

Total time: 1:09:25

(Added on 2004-02-20)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of February 20, 2004.

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