Sound Decision
Ritsuko Okazaki

by Jonathan Mays,
Singer/songwriter Ritsuko Okazaki passed away last week at the young age of 44. She rarely sung above a soft whisper, which was always a perfect match for her gentle, encouraging melodies and lyrics. And now, she sings to the angels.

Ms. Okazaki leaves her music for us. I hope you'll take some time to treasure it.

Sincerely Yours, (1993-03-24)

Ritzberry Field (1997-08-21)

Love Hina "Okazaki Collection" (2001-12-16)

Fruits Basket: Memory for You (2001-10-30, 2004-02-17 from Geneon)

Princess Tutu: Morning Grace (2002-10-23)

Itoshii Kakera (2002-07-29)

Stratos 4: 1st Priority (2003-02-01)

Life is Lovely (2003-02-05)

Melodic Hard Cure (2004-03-17)

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