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The List
5 Best Anime Opening Songs of Summer 2019

by Jacki Jing & Lynzee Loveridge,

Summer season is drawing to a close but Jacki Jing will still be grooving to these anime opening themes. Which songs did you add to your playlist? Let us know in the comments!

5. Dr. Stone: "Good Morning World!" by BURNOUT SYNDROMES

Burnout Syndromes are pack with a snappy opening after working on songs from another Shonen Jump series: Haikyuu!! Their song “Fly High” rattled around in my head for weeks and it looks like “Good Morning World!” isn't leaving any time soon, either. This is the first opening song for Dr. Stone, a series about humanity's almost-mass extinction; that is until the the so-called doctor (and high school kid scientist) manages to de-stone the petrified mankind. He usher's an new world...or morning if you will. Now, Burnout Syndroms singer Kazuumi Kumagai has distinctive voice that can be a little divisive but personally I love that he doesn't sound like anybody else!

4. BEM: "Uchū no Kioku" (Memories of the Universe) by Maaya Sakamoto

First off, Maaya Sakamoto is LEGEND and she's bringing her jazzy chops to this horror series remake. The vocals have a whisper-like quality that makes you wanna lean in like you're about to hear an astonishing secret. BEM's world is one shrouded in mystery, with monsters around the corner and allies in unlikely places. The opening is stylish, like something you listen to on vinyl while wearing an extravagant feather boa and drinking wine. Pass the bottle!

3. Vinland Saga: "MUKANJYO" by Survive Said the Prophet

This song perfectly matches Vinland Saga protagonist Thorfinn's journey for the first half of Vinland Saga. A boy that dreamed of adventure, Thorfinn sees his idyllic life snatched away in a moment when marauders kill his father in front of his eyes. Filled with anger, he sets his eyes on revenge. Survive Said the Prophet's hardrock number is boiling over with rage, just like Thorfinn. The band's singer belts out in English, “I've paid my dues, I've sold my soul, so tell me what is left for me when I've given up everything?” That's some dark stuff, man, but we're rooting for you Thorfinn!

2. Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV: “Metanoia” by Nana Mizuki

It was a long wait, but Symphogear is finally streaming legally which means we can tune in to this crazy, battle-song, space girl action anime series! The incomparable Nana Mizuki returned for the series' fifth season to perform “Metanoia” which sounds like a very specific allergy but totally kicks ass. The song opens with some intense electric guitars and just never STOPS. As soon as Mizuki's voice kicks in it's full head-bob mode from start to finish.

1. Demon Slayer: “Gurenge” by LiSA

This song broke records in Japan. It was certified platinum last month and it's been downloaded over 300,000 times, making LiSA the first female artist this year to pull off such a high number this year. It's easy to see why. The song starts off with a soft piano before revealing itself to be a total banger. The chorus matches the series' protagonist Tanjiro perfectly: a kind-hearted guy filled with determination to protect and cure his sister. You know he'll do whatever he has to, whether its slaying demons or honing his sword skills, to achieve his goal. A powerful song for a powerful warrior!

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