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Anime Spotlight - PUCHIM@S 2

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins April 2014 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Mankyu
(Tono to Issho)
Original Creator: Namco Bandai Games
(Tekken: Blood Vengeance, The Tower of Druaga, Tales of the Abyss)


What's PUCHIM@S 2?

Set in a production office with unique idols and joyful producers, this Puchi-anime depicts the daily lives of those idols and the crazy events and laughs they share along with mysterious creatures known as Puchidols.



In PUCHIM@S2, find brand new original anime episodes! Also, there will be surprises and other tricks as well as content related to the broadcast date!! Keep your eyes on PUCHIM@S 2 as it broadcasts every day!!

What are Puchidols?

Puchidols are small, cute, and mysterious creatures working at talent agency, 765 Production.

Some shoot beams, some warp, some dig holes, even some heal others… so many mysteries to these creatures!

But they kind of resemble the various idols working at 765 Pro…


VA:Eriko Nakamura
Idol Living With: Yayoi
Cry: Kakka! Vai!

Identifiable by her big ribbons, she's the Puchidol who closely resembles Haruka. Her mysterious and unique feature is to multiply when doused with water.

VA:Asami Imai
Idol Living With: Chihaya
Cry: Ku!

A Puchidol who loves to sing. She's also forward with her skinship, climbing on the heads of those she likes and those who feel down.

VA:Azumi Asakura
Idol Living With: Lives at 765 Pro
Cry: ???

A very demure Puchidol. She has yet to utter any cry, but…

VA:Mayako Nigo
Idol Living With: Takane
Cry: U-uu!

She reacts sharply to the sound of Takane dropping coins! She also loves coins, and will happily take it in her mouth if you give one to her.

VA:Naomi Wakabayashi
Idol Living With: Kotori
Cry: Me! Mou!

She is dependable and takes care of the other Puchidols. She also cutely falls in happiness when the producer pets her.

VA:Chiaki Takahashi
Idol Living With: Residence Unknown
Cry: Ara, Ara ara

Yayoi and Iori found this Puchidol in a pyramid-esque location. When startled by a loud noise, she warps to a random location.

VA:Rie Kugimiya
Idol Living With: Iori
Cry: Kii! Mo!

A “tsundere” Puchidol. She says “Kii” when in a “tsun” mood, and “Mo!” in a “dere” mood. She shoots beams from her forehead!

VA:Hiromi Hirata
Idol Living With: Makoto
Cry: Yah! Makyo!

Amongst all the unique Puchidols, she's a classic, healing type Puchidol. Her cuteness often turns the other idols to mush.

VA:Asami Shimoda
Idol Living With: Takane
Cry: Toka!

One of twin Puchidols. She loves pranks, and often targets Producer and the other Puchidols.

VA:Asami Shimoda
Idol Living With: Takane
Cry: Chi!

Another one of the twin Puchidols. She loves pranks just like Koami. The positioning of their hair pin is how you can tell them apart.

VA:Akiko Hasegawa
Idol Living With: 765 Pro
Cry: Nano! Honey!

She loves napping and onigiri. When she is ready for love, her hair color and style changes, with her tip of hair taking the shape of a heart.

VA:Manami Numakura
Idol Living With: Hibiki
Cry; Dazo! Naisa!

She has a lot of different speech styles, as well as lots of expressions like laughing and crying. She has a strange power allowing her to summon animals to help her when she's in a pickle.

VA:Yumi Hara
Idol Living With: Ami & Mami
Cry: Shijo! Shijon!

She rarely speaks, and communicates primarily through writing. She seems to love two kanji compounds and idioms, using them frequently in her communication.

VA:Juri Takita
Idol Living With: 765 Pro
Cry: Pi!

She closely resembles Kotori, but is she a better worker than the real person?! Like Chicchan, she's a very dependable Puchidol.


Haruka Amami & Harukasan
Eriko Nakamura
Chihaya Kisaragi & Chihya
Asami Imai
Yukiho Hagiwara & Yukipo
Azumi Asakura
Yayoi Takatsuki & Yayo
Mayako Nigo
Ritsuko Akizuki & Chicchan
Naomi Wakabayashi
Azusa Miura & Miurasan
Chiaki Takahashi
Iori Minase & Io
Rie Kugimiya
Makoto Kikuchi & Makochi
Hiromi Hirata
Ami & Mami Futami & Koami & Komami
Asami Shimoda
Miki Hoshii & Afu
Akiko Hasegawa
Hibiki Ganaha & Chibiki
Manami Numakura
Takane Shijou & Takanya
Yumi Hara
Kotori Otonashi & Piyopiyo
Juri Takita
Junji Majima
Toru Okawa


Original Creator
BANDAI NAMCO GAMES (“iDOLM@STER” Spin-off comic, “PUCHIM@S” published in Dengeki Maou, illustrated by Akane)
Character Design
Sao Tamado
Sound Director
Takahiro Enomoto
Yasuhiro Misawa
Animation Production
PUCHIM@S Production Committee

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