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Super Manga Pals II: Vertical Limit

by Zac Bertschy,

ANNCast 064 - Super Manga Pals II: Vertical Limit

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It's an action-packed ANNCast this week! Right up front we have SUPER SURPRISE GUEST Ed Chavez who shows up to introduce some exclusive new license announcements - which you've already seen as frontpage news! Princess Knight and The Drops of God are coming soon. We talk a little about Vertical's 2010 and 2011, and then it's Evangelion 2.0, Summer Wars, The Garden of Sinners, farewell to Wizard and Toyfare and the whole Funimation 1337 pirates thing.

Then Ed Sizemore from comicsworthreading.com and the Manga Out Loud podcast and Deb Aoki from About.com stop by for a second round of fun, casual chat about all things manga - the past, the future, the impeding apocalypse at the hands of Borders, how digital content delivery is changing things, and much much more! Also: Twitter Time! This is a fun one, kids - hold on to your butts!

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NSFW Language Warning: As has been mentioned, Deb is on this show, so the F-bombs are flying.

ANNCast Episode 64 Breakdown

00:20 Ed Chavez is here! And he has an announcement for us!

04:50 Princess Knight manga release plans

11:00 Ed's other fun announcement! We're on a roll! Also: how Vertical's been doing and what's up for 2011

21:00 Evangelion 2.0, Summer Wars, The Garden of Sinners and a few other news items

38:00 Deb 'n Ed introduction plus the best of 2010

41:30 Deb 'n Ed's reactions to the Vertical announcements

48:30 Foodie manga as a growth market

57:10 Manga isn't a genre!

01:00:50 The 2011 Mangapocalypse?!

01:06:00 Will the digital manga market sort itself out?

01:17:20 The impact Borders might have on the manga market in 2011

01:30:30 What Deb 'n Ed would like to see more of from the manga industry in 2011

01:34:35 Twitter time! The fun part about being a blogger, localizing accents in manga, and more!

And that's it! See you next time!

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