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Ms. Answerman: Answertaro

by Rebecca Bundy,
Time to pull the next batch of questions out of the oven.

Good Evening, Answerwoman.

Do you know if there is an existing official or unofficial translation of
the Vampire Hunter D Novels? Thanks, and good health to Answercat Jr.

Hideyuki Kikuchi, author of the Vampire Hunter D novels, has authorized the translation of his novels into English. There hasn't been an official announcement, though, on who will be translating them or when they'll be released. Unofficially Kevin Leahy, who lives in Japan and attends Hideyuki Kikuchi's Talk Live sessions regularly, is in the process of translating the Vampire Hunter D novels into English.

Two questions about Legend of Crystania. ADV's website lists six different releases for this anime, one of which is a 'movie', four of which are four parts of an OAV series and another which is a forthcoming release called 'Chaos Ring'. My first question: is the forthcoming 'Chaos Ring' an unedited compilation of the four OAV parts or something separate altogether? Second: is the 'movie' an EDITED compilation of the four OAVs, or is it something separate altogether? In short, what are the similarities and differences between all of these Crystania releases? Thanks for clearing it up! Keep up the great work!

ADV's website has six versions of what is only two stories. The movie is on DVD as well as VHS, counting for two of the six. Though mistaken as the first part of a four part OAV series, the VHS version of the movie (titled ‘The Motion Picture’) has the same description as the movie DVD. The DVD entitled Chaos Ring is a compilation of the three-part series for this show. The three part series can also be bought on VHS, though you'll have to buy three separate tapes. Two DVDs and four tapes listed equals the six different releases on their web page.

I was just wondering if there will be any other
Slayers stuff coming out in the United States. I
think it would be cool to see more t.v. series or
movies featuring Lina and her friends.

Yes. ADV has the rights to the second, third, and fourth movies as well as the second OAV. The second movie is being worked on, and the rest should follow. Until these become commercially available, you still have the first movie, the first OAV, and the TV series to keep you company whenever you start to have withdraws. No word yet on whether Slayers Premium, the fifth movie, has been licensed, although Vegas says it's probably ADV that has the license. CPM continues to release the Slayers manga, with more coming this summer.

A quick simple question, related more to manga than to anime, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I see these new U.S. monthly manga magazines coming out, such as Shonen Jump and Raijin, and I know I'm interested in collecting and reading some of the series found within (Naruto specifically). Does the fact that these mangas are being printed in U.S. magazines mean that they won't be licensed and published in their own individual volumes? I know personally I'd rather just buy specific series, in their own volumes, and wasn't sure if there was a chance of that happening now.

Thanks for your time-

Lane DeSimone

There aren't any official release dates since Shonen Jump and Raijin are new to the ‘monthly manga magazine’ scene (weekly in Raijin's case), but it's reasonable to assume that the series in those magazines will be released as separate graphic novels. The market for graphic novels in the US is huge right now, bringing in a lot of money for companies (such as TokyoPop and Viz) who supply the demand for translated manga. Most of the series from Animerica Extra, another monthly magazine, have been published as graphic novels once the magazine has released enough of a single series to fill a graphic novel, so there's no reason to think that the same thing won't happen with Shonen Jump. Raijin has already released the first volume of Fist of the North Star, for example.

Hello Ms. Answerman,

I've been interested in getting a job with Toonami or anywhere within Cartoon Network's art or animation departments, but I can't seem to find where they are located. All signs seem to point to Atlanta, GA but I'm not sure if that's just the programming dept. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Cartoon Network is just that... a network. They don't play a part in the creation or production of the cartoons (and anime) that they air, aside from financial consideration. The art and animation occur within separate corporations, such as Hanna Barbara, that supply Cartoon Network with their cartoons. If you're interested in the animation aspects of Cartoon Network's shows, you need to search out the companies that produce the cartoons you wish to be a part of. Hopefully this will help you in the future.

What a variety of questions this week, everything from manga to novels to production. Keep them coming!

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