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50 Obnoxious Questions

by Zac Bertschy,

No time for chatter, we've got to get down to business.

I was wondering if you had a way to contact Yuu Watase
because i would like to tell her that i think she is
awsome and stuff.


While I'm pretty sure Yu Watase already knows how awesome she is and stuff, you can probably send a fan letter to Viz Communications, the company that publishes all of her manga titles. You can find their mailing address on their website, www.viz.com. I'm sure they get hundreds of fan messages for Japanese creators and I know the Japanese love hearing from American fans, so I'm positive your message will be appreciated and stuff.

Dear Answerpeople,
I know that there are no more episodes of Gestalt for video but my
question is, are there any manga or print story continuations out there?

Thank you,
Scott Klein

There is a manga that was popular for about two seconds a while back. It ran at least seven volumes and was produced by Yun Kouga, who managed to attract a small but faithful following. The OVA, which ran only two episodes and then got cancelled, whet American fan appetites and then never returned. If you can find the Japanese-language manga, more power to you. I don't think it's been licensed for release in the US just yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.


I've recently begun watching Boys Over Flowers, and have wasted
many an hour at work checking out various internet fan sites, and I've
come across something that I hope you can help me with—what is "Meteor

Trojan Mike

Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese live action adaptation of the Hana Yori Dango story. The show follows the exploits of Shan Cai, who replaces Makino, and her experience with the ‘F4’, who you know from the manga. The storyline follows the same basic premise and plot progression as the manga, with several drastic changes. It was pretty popular in Taiwan and has a small cult following here in the states. It probably won't ever see the light of day on DVD in America, though, so if you're wanting to see it, you may want to consider importing the Taiwanese DVDs. You can find out all about it here: http://www.spcnet.tv/taiwan_meteorgarden.shtml

Dear Answerman,
My one short question is about the Kimagure Orange Road - TV Series Box Set. I recently purchased this set, and later read on the AnimEigo web site that there was a remastered disk swap. However I couldn't find an explanation of what the difference between the two was. So if you could tell me what is "remastered" it would be greatly appreciated.
- Hobo Bob

When AnimEigo first released the KOR box set on DVD, they got the price down and the episode count up by only including the opening and closing theme songs at the top of the first episode on the disc and at the end of the last episode on the disc. Hardcore fans, who are eager and happy to complain about every minor change or upsetting thing as though the sky itself were falling, pitched a fit to rival all fits on several internet forums. AnimEigo caught wind of this and quickly announced a replacement program that included each episode presented with the opening and ending themes intact before and after each episode. Whether or not you care about such things will determine which version of the box set you buy.

Dear Answer Team,

Dose Bandai Entertainment's recent announcement of re-solicitateing tittles with new UPC codes and lower prices have any significance other than cheeper DVDs?

- Question Man

Yes. Bandai is involved in an international conspiracy. Encoded in these new UPCs are codes that activate nuclear weapons stored beneath the Bandai facilities in California. If the right number of certain Bandai titles are purchased at the same time on DVD, the sales data sends the launch code to Bandai headquarters and the weapons are initiated. That's when the fun begins.

Actually, no, there is no significance.

That's all. Seeya next week!

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