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9 Split Personalities Most in Need of Therapy

by Lynzee Loveridge,

The character suffering from split personalities became a fiction staple ever since Robert Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HYDE novella made man's evil alter ego famous. In anime, the trope is played up for comic laughs or "you-wouldn't-like-me-when-I'm-angry" Hulk imitations. Rarely is it a true-to-life example of disassociate identity disorder, but that doesn't stop the following characters from desperately needing a Dr. Drew intervention and a healthy shot of lithium.

Also, obligatory spoiler warning

9. Lisianthus (SHUFFLE!) Sia is the most well-adjusted list entry. Her outgoing and sexually uninhibited alter ego, Kikyou, has been with her since birth and comes out of the woodwork whenever she feels Sia needs a boost to win Rin's affections. However, Kikyou's real identity and how she came to inhabit Sia's body is totally creepy and its doubtful most sane individuals would handle it as well as her.

8. Zetsu (Naruto) Zetsu bares a strong resemblance to the Norse goddess Hel. Hobbled together in an experiment Madara Uchiha, Zetsu's appearance is split into white and black halves, each containing a separate personality. The two work together amicably although one is distinctly more playful and the other is serious. Zetsu, like a lot of entries on this list, has an unfortunate past rooted in science experiments, clones, and death that a little psychotherapy could help. It might help squash his off-putting habit of consuming dead human corpses as well. Maybe venison would be a viable alternative?

7. Sora and Sunao (Sukisho) Lab escapees-turned-lovers Sora and Sunao both developed alternate personalities after their bodies and minds were subjected to painful experiments. Sora's other self, Yoru, is more mentally and emotionally mature than his counterpart. He also has the dual eye color so the audience knows there are two personalities! Ran is Sunao's stereotypical feminine counterpart and masks his alter ego's more heinous intentions.

6. Harumi Chōno (Paranoia Agent) Leave it to Satoshi Kon to have the only entry on this list that adequately represents real Dissociative Identity Disorder. Harumi is a tutor whose other self, Maria takes over at night. Harumi has no control or memories of what Maria does except for the messages they leave one another on her answering machine. Harumi wants a normal life with a normal husband, but wanton Maria will have none of it and becomes increasingly hostile.

5. Allelujah Haptism (Gundam 00) Allelujah and his other self, Hallelujah, maintain a symbiotic relationship and one of the most ridiculous set of character names in anime history. Hallelujah allows Allelujah to fulfill his duty as a pilot like killing his enemies any other acts needed to survive in a hostile environment. This allows Allelujah to maintain his sense of pacifism while fighting off his overwhelming sense of guilt.

4. Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files) Former demon executor Shinobu Sensui couldn't handle the violent tasks needed of him, instead creating six separate personalities to carry the burden. Shinobu upholds a strong sense of justice while his other selves dole out death and torture to children and small animals alike while captivating followers with his silver tongue. His creepy child personality, Naru, takes the cake though for simultaneously being innocent but believing humans need to die for their sins.

3. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) Shiro, another haphazard mind-controlled experiment, has a sinister smile and the ability to kill without remorse when she turns into Wretched Egg/Red Man. Held together only by her unwavering love and devotion for Ganta. This allowed him to be spared during one of her rampages. The rest of his classmates weren't so lucky.

2. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Lucy and Shiro are cut from the same cloth. The characters are almost completely interchangeable with exception of who might be able to kill more things effectively. Lucy/Nyuu/Kaede are contained within one evolved human body. Lucy is an incessant voice calling for the death of humanity, Nyu is an oblivious and innocent child, and Kaede is the middle ground. The saddest part of Kaede's trauma is that despite the torture inflicted upon her, she's also aware that love and acceptance exist.

1. Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon) Manga author Rei Hiroe really did a number when he created pedophilia snuff film survivors Hansel and Gretel. The siblings gender and actual identities are presented interchangeably, and the pair continue killing with the firm belief that it extends their own lifespans. Their stint in the Italian mob gives the two the opportunity to play this out to their heart's content before encountering the Lagoon Company.

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  11. Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario + Vampire) 2.7%
  12. Miruru (I'm Gonna Be An Angel) 0.6%

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