Black Butler Prize Pack Give-Away

December 22, 2010

Our friends at Funimation have given us a ton of swag to give away to one lucky Black Butler fan.

About Black Butler
Ciel Phantomhive is the most powerful boy in all of England, but he bears the scars of unspeakable suffering. Forced to watch as his beloved parents were brutally murdered, Ciel was subsequently abducted and violently tortured. Desperate to end his suffering, the boy traded his own soul for a chance at vengeance, casting his lot with the one person on whom he could depend: Sebastian, a demon Butler summoned from the very pits of hell. Together, they'll prowl the darkest alleys of London on a mission to snuff out those who would do evil. They're a rare sight, these two: the Butler who dismembers with dazzling cutlery – and the Young Master who carries the devil's marking. Rest assured that wherever they may be headed, it'll be one hell of a ride.

The Prizes:

  • 1 signed 8x10 Black Butler autograph signed by J. Michael Tatum (Voices Sebastian) and Brina Palencia (voices Ciel)
  • 1 signed 8x10 Becca autograph (she is the musician for the ending theme “I'm Alive” for Black Butler)
  • 1 Phantomhive Emblem Pendant
  • 1 Ciel and Sebastian metal keychain
  • 1 Sebastian notebook
  • 1 Phantomhive Emblem Notebook
  • 1 Black Butler deck of playing cards
  • 1 Black Butler Wallet
  • 1 Metal Sebastian cell phone charm
  • 4 Tshirts (various designs)
  • 1 Black Butler Tote Bag

Be sure to check out the Black Butler website:

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For more information about the Black Buttler DVD Release and Limited Edition DVD release, click their respective images below.



E-mail address:

Complete Mailing address: (where to send the prize)

Entries with incomplete mailing addresses will be disqualified.

No PO Boxes (Military PO Boxes (APO/AFO/CFPO are OK).

Your address should look something like this:

416 William St. #402
Moralton, SS 70707

As long as it's good enough for USPS, it's good enough for us (now stop asking us).

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