JManga NYCC Give-Away

Our friends at JManga will be holding two panels at New York ComicCon and they'd really like to see ANN readers at their panels. In fact, they'd like to see you there so much that they're going to give randomly selected ANN readers some very special gifts.

JManga Presents: Masakazu Ishiguro

Date: Friday, October 12. 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: 1A06
Speakers: Masahiro Ohno , Masakazu Ishiguro , Robert Newman
Description: is proud to introduce the highly acclaimed manga-ka Masakazu Ishiguro, best known for his hit manga and anime "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" (AND YET THE TOWN MOVES)!! Join Ishiguro-sensei and Masahiro Ohno (Editor-in-Chief of YOUNG KING OURS) for an artist talk, Q&A, live drawing and more! JManga will be giving away a Nexus7 and loads of other special gifts from Akihabara and beyond throughout the panel!
Gift for ANN Reader: figma Hotori Arashiyama Will be signed by Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru artist Masakazu Ishiguro at the panel.
Gifts for Attendees: Android Nexus7 Tablet, and ther great gifts straight from Akihabara!

JManga: The Future of Digital Manga

Date: Saturday, October 13. 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: 1A07
Speaker: Robert Newman
Join JManga for a panel full of special announcements and gifts!! Get the latest news on's newest acquisitions and more news you've been waiting for! Also, get the inside on JManga's brand new site!! JManga will be giving away an iPad, a Nexus7 and loads of other special gifts from Akihabara and beyond throughout the panel! Special guests to be announced!
Gift for ANN Reader: Android Nexus7 Tablet.
Gifts for Attendees: Nexus7 and other great gifts straight from Akihabara!

At each panel, JManga will select one person at random from the ANN Readers who fill out this form. That reader must be present to claim their gift. If they aren't present, another name will be selected.

Even if you don't get the special gift for ANN readers, JManga will still be giving out additional gifts at their panel (no registration necessary).


Use your real name! You will be asked for I.D.

E-mail address:

What is your favorite manga?

Which gift would you rather win?

Note: Please select "both" only if you expect to be at both panels. Your name can not come up twice so if your name is selected for one of the panels and you aren't there, you will have no chance at the next panel.

Double-check your answers and then:

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