Win a Blu-ray of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water!

To celebrate the first ever British release of the series Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Animatsu is offering three Blu-rays of the complete series to ANN readers! Originally broadcast in 1992, Nadia is a magnificent steampunk adventure set in the 19th century, in which two intrepid children meet Captain Nemo and the Nautilus and are swept up in a war to save humanity. Inspired by Jules Verne and a storyline by Hayao Miyazaki, Nadia was directed by Hideaki Anno, and is a direct precursor to his world-famous Evangelion franchise.

Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water will be released by Animatsu on both Blu-ray and DVD on June 22nd. To have a chance of winning a Blu-ray, just fill in your details and answer the question below!


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Before Nadia, Hideaki Anno had directed a space adventure in which a heroic girl battles aliens. Was it called:

a) Gundam

b) Gunbuster

c) Gunvarrel

Double-check your answers and then:

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