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Anime Boston 2003
Central Park Media

by Mikhail Koulikov & Bamboo Dong,
Central Park Media
Studio Representatives:
Tom Wayland (Video Production Manager)
Ross Lefko
Stephen Pakula
Amber Kusmenko

No new licensed were announced.

However, the following information was made available:

A DNA² TV box set will be made available sometime later in the year. Extras will include an interview with voice actor Liam O'Brien. The box alone will be available for sale as well via Right Stuf.

The Descendants of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei box set will be released "sometime in the summer." Extras here will include a set of tarot cards and an "interactive tarot card reading" feature, as well as a "pop-up video"-style comment track.

The release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series will be completed by the end of the year. Special bonus features for the remaining discs are currently being worked on. One that was discussed was a fanart/cosplay contest, with winning entries featured on some of the DVD's.

Alien 9 will be released on July 8. The DVD will also include an interview with director Yuji Fujimoto. In addition, the Alien 9 manga will be released unflipped starting May.

CPM currently has the rights to the Mobile Police Patlabor and Mobile Police Patlabor - The New Files OVA's. They will be released sometime in the future, but exact schedule information was unavailable.

A comment made by one of the representatives was that "probably anything CPM has DVD release rights to will be released" at some point, and major announcements and premieres are to be expected at the CPM-sponsored Big Apple Anime Fest, set to take place in New York City Labor Day weekend.

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