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by Mikhail Koulikov,
Studio Representative: Keith Burgess

Over the remainder of the year, Manga will continue to concentrate on releasing Dead Leaves and the Ghost in the Shell TV series. The first volume of GITS TV will be relased on July 27, with new volumes coming out every two months thereafter. There will be no pause between release of the two 26-episode seasons. The series will also air on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, most likely with at least some editing. Dead Leaves is currently set to be released in the end of August, and as Manga owns the rights to all types of content related to this title, various merchandise and items will be made available.

Regarding Manga's other titles, the 10th Anniversary Edition of Ghost in the Shell will be released later in the year. Remastering of the Wings of Honneamise DVD is still an ongoing process. Rumors that Manga has lost the license to Wings of Honneamise are false; the license is retained, but currently, Manga is applying maximum effort to releasing Dead Leaves and GITS TV and productiong of other titles has slowed down. However they are still planning to release an Evangelion Movie box set, probably right before Christmas this year. They are also pushing to release Street Fighter Alpha this fall. In general, with new releases, Manga is looking for the shortest delay between the Japanese and the US release dates.

The website is set to be redesigned; new features will include forums and a chat area.

In connection with Manga's recent acquisition by the IDT Corporation, the major impact this change has is that it is not yet clear to whom Manga will report to or how it will fall into IDT's corporate structure. On the other hand, as IDT is a publically traded company (NYSE), investors and fans will presumably be able to analyze Manga's financial information as part of IDT's annual reports.

This report was verified for accuracy by Manga Entertainment

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