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Anime Expo 2006
The Right Stuf International

by Bamboo Dong,
Panelist: Shawne Kleckner

Early-rising fans were greeted Monday morning by The Right Stuf International panel, which kicked things off by showing a reel of their titles, both past and upcoming. The titles included Shingu, Piano, Boys Be…, and Ninja Nonsense. Kleckner then surprised everyone by showing the opening theme from the second season of Super GALS!.

The second season will be released on or around December 1 for only $49.99. It will only be available for retail online, and will most likely be subtitled-only, although Kleckner said that there was a possibility for a future dub. The first 600 people who preorder the series will have their name listed on the disc as someone who has helped “make the disc happen.” The second season was never even released in Japan.

Afterwards, Kleckner answered a few questions from the audience. The release of To Heart is taking longer than anticipated due to issues with the video source material. The film prints for the series no longer exist, and will take extra work to restore. However, the same cast that was used for Comic Party will be used for To Heart and dubbing is already in process.

Right Stuf also acquired an adult title called Venus File. Kleckner also mentioned that they have placed merchandising licenses for Gravitation and Ninja Nonsense, so fans could look forward to an “influx of new merchandise.”

The panel ended with a screening of the first episode of the dub of Ninja Nonsense, the first disc of which will be shipped July 25.

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