Japan Expo 2012
Exhibit Hall

by Christopher Macdonald,

At Japan Expo, the total exhibit and event space is 120,000 square meters (approximately 1.3 million square feet). So just how big is 120,000 square meters? Here's a little video we took from on top of Kaze's booth (they had a double decker bus as part of their booth, pretty cool). This video doesn't even show half the total exhibit space.

To put things into perspective, San Diego Comic Con's exhibit space is just over 460,000 square feet and Anime Expo's exhibit space is only a fraction of that. To be fair though, both SDCC and AX have a significant amount separate space for panels and other events, while Japan Expo builds stages inside the main exhibit hall for many of their events (they do have two external stages for their main events and concerts, as well as one external theatre for film presentations).

(many of the photos below have accompanying text)

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