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Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 2

by Kyle Pope,
Gundam 08th MS Team List of Edits: Gundams in the Jungle (Episode 2)

1) Dialogue of Elindore and Gramps wagering on Shiro's longevity cut.

2) Karen's "bust ass, people" changed to "let's move, people".

3) Elindore's "probably out taking a piss, kid" changed to "probably out making the rounds, kid".

4) Kiki now wears a red digital bikini. (You'd think they'd have given her something more appropriate to a guerilla fighter living in the jungle.)

5) Scene of Shiro settling in to admire Kiki's swim cut.

6) Nudie pictures removed from barracks.

7) Scene of Shiro moving Kiki's butt out of his face (it's not what you think. Ecchi.) cut from preview.

This was a suit-on-suit actioner episode so there wasn't much in the way of real violence to cut. But clearly the informal speaking of grunts at the front is a problem for Toonami.

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