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Cowboy Bebop - ep. 19 & 20

by Kyle Pope,

Mild edits this round. Far less than I thought for Pierrot Le Fou. Given the dark, spine-chilling nature of that episode I was concerned that CN might regard it as too intense given these nervous times. Next week we may not be so lucky. The second episode is Cowboy Funk. I'm not holding out much hope that it will be aired. Perhaps enough time has passed that may CN will ease up a bit and let it go. Given that this is one of CB's best episodes I hope so.

Cowboy Bebop: Wild Horses

1) Nudie pictures in Miles truck digitally clothed.

2) Pirate's "god damn it" changed to "damn it".

3) Spike's "shit, the virus" changed to "damn, the virus".

I was expecting this one to go into the unedited column but the language wasn't going to fly. I'm surprised at the digital painting of the nudie pictures. While it was apparent that the women were nude they weren't showing anything critical. It was no different than a TV commercial showing a woman bathing or showering. Why waste the computer time?

Cowboy Bebop: Pierrot Le Fou

1) Scene of Pierrot's assassination of the ISSP director shortened.

2) Quantity of blood at ISSP director's assassination scene digitally reduced.

3) Blood removed from prison walls, guards' bodies and Pierrot during Pierrot's escape.

4) Spray of blood from Spike's gunshot wound digitally reduced.

Honestly I was expecting this episode to be edited more than it was. Scenes were digitally altered but none were removed. The violence of this episode was enhanced by the creepy atmosphere and the bizarre nature of Pierrot himself, a psychically enhanced super serial killer with the mind of a child. It's interesting that this episode came through pretty close to intact while the CN censors concentrated so much effort in editing a couple of harmlessly nude photographs buried in the background.


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