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Tenchi Universe - ep. 17: No Need for Hunger

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe: No Need for Hunger

1. Not an Edit... Ryouko actually orders sake at the food stand. (Given the ridiculous lengths CN went to to remove all traces of alcohol from the show it was quite a shock to hear Ryouko actually order sake.)

2. Not an Edit... Ryouko actually gambles at both a casino and a racetrack. (They had cut out the betting scene in TM OVA ep #13 and had cut out a scene of Suzuka in a casino placing a bet in Outlaw Star.)

3. Establishing shot of the beach resort cut.

4. Scene of Tenchi telling Sasami the tale of Damon and Pythias cut.

I guess someone decided to test some waters here. Either that or Ryouko's ordering sake was an oversight. Either way it was refreshing to hear.


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