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Tenchi Universe - ep. 22-24

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe, Episode 22: No Need for Knights

1. Completely unedited.

I guess the climax of this saga has very little to cut out of it. I won't have much to comment on if they keep this up. Why didn't they do this at the other end of the series where all the juicy stuff was?

Tenchi Universe, Episode 23: No Need for Karma

1. Not an Edit... Youshou's "The mysterous power given by the god" left in.

2. Not an Edit... Youshou's "I have to make you die once again" left in.

3. Kagato's "Dreamed of the moment I killed you" changed to "Dreamed of the moment I destroyed you".

4. Not an Edit... Youshou's "The time I slayed you I killed myself as well" left in.

5. Kagato's "Interesting. You want us to kill each other at the same time, don't you?" changed to "Interesting. You're planning to finish yourself just as you finish me".

6. Not an Edit... Kagato's "Looks like you're the only one to die today" left in.

7. Kagato's "Why don't you go and visit Hell this time. You can go and take my place" changed to "Why don't you take my place this time and suffer like I did".

8. Not an Edit... Kagato's "I am the god" left in.

This is the kind of editing job that leaves me tearing my hair out. Two references to god were left in and only every *other* reference to death was removed. What was going on when this episode was being edited?

Tenchi Universe, Episode 24: No Need for Ryouko

1. Not an Edit... Washuu's "I'm dying to see Kagato dead" left in.

2. Not an Edit... Blood visible on Ryouko's hand.

3. Not an Edit... Nagi's "...but I don't want anyone else to take Ryouko's life" left in.

4. Not an Edit... Ryouko's "You could die, you know that?" to Tenchi left in.

5. Bloodstain on Ryouko's side digitally removed.

6. Not an Edit... Ryouko has a bloodstain on her side after Ryououki lands on Jurai.

7. Blood running down Ryouko's arm digitally removed.

8. Not an Edit... Ryouko has a bloodstain on her side in Ryououki's command chair.

This should properly be called a non-edit list given how much previously forbidden material is present here. I guess the seriousness of this episode would have made full edits to the previous standard seem a little silly. This is a highly dramatic episode of the TU series and I'm glad most of that


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