The Edit List
Tenchi Universe - ep. 25-26

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe, Episode 25: No Need for a Showdown

1. Scene of Kamidake's arm being cut and bleeding cut.

2. Not an Edit... Kamidake's face bleeds when hit with Jurai's Needle.

3. Quantity of blood on Kamidake's face digitally reduced.

4. Not an Edit... Kagato's "Kill me" left in.

5. Blood digitally removed from Kiyone's face. (Oh come on. Kiyone has as much right to earn her battle scars as Tenchi and Kamidake.)

6. Not an Edit... Aeka's "I will not allow you to kill Tenchi" left in.

7. Blood digitally removed from Kamidake's face.

Again a rather confused set of edits. The forbidden word "kill" shows up twice yet only certain people are allowed to bleed. Kiyone put her life on the line as much as anybody in this little adventure. She deserves a shot at a Purple Heart. For those readers who might not be Americans, a Purple Heart is a military medal awarded for being wounded in combat.

Tenchi Universe, Episode 26: No Need for a Conclusion

1. Not an Edit... Youshou's "Did you think I would die that easily?" left in.

2. Not an Edit... Ryouko flipping the bird in Nagi's photo of her left in. (Oops. Guess they didn't see that one. But since I know they're reading these lists...)

3. Blood running down Ryouko's arm again digitally removed.

4. Not an Edit... Bloodstain still on Ryouko's side in Ryououki's command chair.

And so ends Tenchi Universe. Next in line: Shin Tenchi Muyou, known on this side of the Pacific as Tenchi in Tokyo. Given the reported popularity of the Tenchi Muyou series on the Cartoon Network I wonder if they're keeping an eye on the new Tenchi OVA and TV series currently in development. Tenchi Muyou remains my favorite anime franchise and I look forward to the release of those myself. It would be nice if they eventually found their way onto Cartoon Network.


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