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Tenchi in Tokyo - ep. 1 & 2

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 1: Separation Anxiety

1. Washuu's "Ryouko had a little drink of my homemade sake last night" changed to "Ryouko had some of my special homemade tea last night".

2. Aeka's "You smell like a brewery" and Ryouko's "I should, I'm hungover" cut.

3. Aeka's "She's in bed with a hangover" changed to "She's in bed, clearly sick".

4. Not an Edit... Spirit's "You'll just have to die" left in.

5. Aeka's "I wasn't the one passed out cold from too much sake" changed to "I wasn't the one who got sick from too much tea".

6. Ryouko's "This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't have got me plastered" changed to "This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't have got me sick with your tea".

7. Not an Edit... Spirit's "Prepare to die!" left in.

8. Not an Edit... Katsuhito's "...they were going to kill us" followed by Sasami's "Kill you?" left in.

9. Washuu's "I bet they can't hold their liquor. Here, have a taste of my sake" changed to "Now let's see if they can handle the taste of my homemade tea".

Having been given a little insight into CN's editing process I have come to understand the tea vs sake thing as being CN's "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" to the fans. They know we know better. How could we not?

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 2: Four's a Crowd

1. Completely unedited.

That was quick. It took over half the series of Tenchi Universe before they found an episode that didn't need editing.


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