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Tenchi in Tokyo - ep. 6 & 7

by Kyle Pope, Mar 6th 2002

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 6: Play Date

1. Tenchi's "I was just thinking it's almost like we're having a date" changed to "I was just thinking you're almost like my little sister".

2. Tsugaru's "I'll have to kill you" changed to "I'll have to destroy you".

The first edit makes absolutely no sense. The title of the episode is "Play Date" and the focus is Tenchi and Sasami spend the day together.

Tenchi in Tokyo, episode 7: The Day We Met

1. Not an Edit... Ryouko's "You wouldn't have had to die if you hadn't been so foolhardy" left in.

2. Scene of Jurai Lightstone being expelled from Ryouko's forehead cut.

Not sure why the second edit was made since they didn't have a problem showing Ryouko inserting the Lightstone into her forehead.


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