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Tenchi in Tokyo - ep. 12, 13 & 14

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 12: Stupid Cupid

1. Scene of Nobuyuki smoking cut.

2. Scene of Nobuyuki stubbing out his cigarette in the ashtray cut.

After all the nicotine that was consumed in Cowboy Bebop it takes some readjustment to get used to these tobacco edits again. Odd that after editing out those scenes they still showed the cigarette butt itself.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 13: The Eye of the Destroyer

1. Not an Edit... Yuugi's "Your execution is temporarily postponed" intact.

Interesting hearing the word "execution" since this word was edited out of Gundam and Outlaw Star.

Tenchi in Tokyo, Episode 14: Tokyo or Bust

1. Scene of Masayo unzipping the top of her riding suit cut.

2. Scene of Sakuya in bondage gear holding Tenchi captive cut

Odd that while they cut the scene of Masayo unzipping her top they didn't mind showing her running around with her cleavage visible for the rest of the episode.

One of my readers has sent me this link:

It's the product page for the Inferno machine Mr. DeMarco said Cartoon Network used for their digital editing and painting. I thought I'd include a link to the page for the benefit of the curious. As the original writer said, this machine represents a serious amount of overkill given the level of editing CN is using it for.


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