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Evangelion - ep. 2: Unfamiliar Ceiling

by Kyle Pope,
I suppose it might be considered naive to have considered any posibility that this episode could have aired uncut on Toonami. However they really ran this one through the shredder. The purpose of this episode was to establish the character of Misato which can be summed up in two words: Alcoholic slut. Now apparently she's been through AA and has rediscovered her inner virgin.

Evangelion: Unfamiliar Ceiling

1: Scene of Eva Unit 01's head spraying blood cut.

2: Misato's "And don't worry, I won't be making any passes at him" cut along with Ritsuko's subsequent tirade.

3: Yebisu beer cans digitally painted blue in car.

4: Scene of Shinji confronted by a pile of crushed beer cans and a liquor bottle cut.

5: Shot of shelf covered with various bottles of liquor cut.

6: Yebisu beer cans digitally painted blue in garbage pile. Liquor bottle digitally removed as well.

7: Scene of Misato asking Shinji to put away the food across a kitchen forested with beer cans and liquor bottles cut.

8: Scene of Shinji taking inventory in Misato's refrigerator cut.

9: Beer cans and liquor bottles digitally removed from kitchen table.

10: Scene of Shinji asking about the second refrigerator while Misato changes clothes cut.

11: Scene of Misato guzzling and relishing a can of beer cut. (This is one of my favorite scenes, too.)

12: Yebisu beer cans digitally painted blue on table and in Misato's hand.

13: Shot of Shinji cowering before Misato's breasts cut.

14: Close-up of Misato's butt as she admonishes Shinji across the table cut.

15: Shot of Shinji and Misato playing Jankenpon in front of a pile of beer cans cut.

16: Shot of chore schedule cut.

17: Pile of beer cans digitally removed from kitchen table.

18: Misato's "except, of course, of me that is" cut.

19: Beer cans once again digitally removed from kitchen table.

20: Shot of Misato's drying lingerie cut.

21: Shot of nude Shinji looking at Misato's drying lingerie cut.

22: Entire scene of Shinji's encounter with Pen Pen and his conversation with Misato (complete with toothpicks) cut. (Sorry Pen Pen. You're not in the show anymore.)

23: Shot of Misato in the bath talking to Ritsuko on the phone cut.

24: Misato now wears a blue digital bikini in the bath.

25: Shot of Eva Unit 01's head spraying blood cut.

26: Misato's "My god!" and Ritsuko's "Berserker" cut.

27: Scene of Eva Unit 01 breaking the angel's arms cut.

28: Scene of Eva Unit 01 ripping open the angel's chest cut.

29: Not an edit... Cross-shaped explosions left in.

ADV, of all the titles in your catalogue you could have offered to Cartoon Network that would have fit in with the giant robot theme why did you have to send them Eva?

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