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Trigun - ep. 3, 4 & 5

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 03: Peace Maker

1) Shot of Frank staring down the barrel of a revolver cut.

2) Nude girl digitally removed from the cover of bandit's magazine.

Don't know why they bothered removing the girl. It's not like there was anything to see.

Trigun 04: Love & Peace

1) Scene of Gene shoving his revolver into Stephanie's mouth cut.

2) Scene of head kidnapper pulling Gene's revolver out of Stephanie's mouth cut.

I'll leave these for you to speculate on.

Trigun 05: Hard Puncher

1) Big Bounty Hunter's "I'm so excited I could shit" cut.

2) Shot of Bounty Hunter pressing his shotgun against Vash's temple cut.

3) Shot of old man pressing his pistol against Vash's forehead cut.

CN seems to have a problem with guns being in close proximity to someone's head. Considering all the gunplay upcoming in this series it's a strange thing to be squeamish about.

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