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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 48

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 48: Reborn to Salvation

1) Not an Edit... Blood left at the corner of Sanosuke's mouth.

2) Negative shot of Anji vomiting blood after Sanosuke's fist connects cut.

3) Blood that Anji coughs up as he sits up after Sanosuke's attack digitally removed. (They left this blood visible in the previous episode.)

4) Bloodstain digitally removed from Anji's head scarf after he is struck down in front of the burning temple.

5) Shots of the burning temple with the children cowering together inside as the fallen Anji prays for them cut.

6) Bloodstain digitally removed from Anji's head scarf and pupils digitally added to his eyes as he rises screaming in front of the remains of the temple. (This is the second time they did that. Odd considering that Anji gets the all white-eyed look several times during the fight.)

7) Shot of Anji's hands cradling Tsubaki's dead, charred hand amidst the rubble of the temple cut.

8) Shot of two of the men responsible for the burning of the temple dying in a flood of their own blood cut.

9) Blood pool and corpses of two of the conspirators digitally removed from scene of the mayor begging Anji for his life.

10) Shot of Anji picking the mayor up by his head and subsequently crushing his skull cut.

11) Music from the scene of Anji killing the mayor overlaid on shots of the faces of Kenshin, Saitou, Yumi and Sanosuke. (This scene was originally

12) General edit for the rest of the episode... Blood digitally removed from the bodies of Anji and Sanosuke as they battle each other.

13) Shot of blood splattering across the floor as Sanosuke and Anji batter each other cut.

14) Blood shower digitally removed from in front of statue of Buddha.

15) Shot of more blood splattering in front of the Buddha statue and across the floor followed by a pan up to Kenshin and the others as they watch the battle cut.

16) Shot of blood splattering across a pillar cut.

17) Blood spray digitally removed from shot of Sanosuke's jacket as it lies on the floor.

18) Shower of blood digitally removed from Sanosuke's body as Anji's special attack blows him back.

19) Shot of Anji's bloody face turning to the ghosts of the children before Tsubaki declares them all a family cut.

Mighty Maids with moving targets. And here I thought Toonami was loosening up given all those cigarette and blood shots in the last episode. Well Rurouni Kenshin moves to Cartoon Network's Saturday Video Entertainment System on July 12th, 2003. Just as well as the fight in the next episode simply isn't Toonami material. I don't know if the new time slot means the show will be less edited but I would have to imagine that the editors at CN must realize that the Kyoto arc cannot be edited to Toonami standards without removing huge chunks of material. Especially the climax. Time will tell what will happen to the Kyoto arc in its new home.

Kyle Pope

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