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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 50

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 50: The Promised Time has Come

1) Shot of Shishio taking a puff from his pipe after Houji gives him Yumi's situation report cut.

2) Plume of smoke digitally removed from Shishio's pipe.

3) Second shot of Shishio taking a puff from his pipe cut.

4) Plume of smoke once again digitally removed from Shishio's pipe.

5) Blood and wound digitally removed from Kenshin's shoulder as he sits against the bookshelves after Aoshi's attack. (This edit was inconsistent as the either the wound or the blood would show up randomly during the

6) Shot of blood flying as Iwanbou leaps into the air and takes down the four attacking Oniwabanshuu cut.

7) Shot of blood dripping from Aoshi's blade during his flashback cut.

8) Shot of Aoshi standing amidst his slaughtered opponents in the flashback replaced with shot of Aoshi standing over Kenshin in the library. Aoshi's dialogue overlaid on the new scene.

9) Shot of Aoshi's face as blood spews from the corner of his mouth after Kenshin's attack cut.

10) Blood digitally removed from the corner of Aoshi's mouth as he listens to Kenshin's admonishment about the path Aoshi has taken.

11) Cut and blood removed from the side of Kenshin's neck as he admonishes Aoshi about the path he has taken. (This was another very inconsistent edit as the blood was there earlier then disappeared and then showed up in long shots of Kenshin.)

So far this was one of the more inconsistently edited episodes of Rurouni Kenshin where blood is concerned. We've already seen that CN can be inconsistent about cigarettes. If this is a result of CN's policy of allowing the distributing companies to do their own editing then CN might want to revisit that decision. Between disappearing and reappearing blood and cigarettes it looks as if no one is in control down at BS&P. Not that I want anyone to be in control down at BS&P.

Kyle Pope

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