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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 52

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 52: To Make a Miracle

1) Not an Edit... Blood trickle at the corner of Aoshi's mouth as he lay in the library left in.

2) Rivulet of blood digitally removed from Kenshin's hand as he grips Aoshi's blade.

3) Not an Edit... Blood trickle at the corner of Kenshin's mouth left in.

4) Blood digitally removed from Kenshin's neck as he runs down the corridor.

5) Yahiko's "You dirty... Who cares what happens to a weirdo like you?" to Kamatari after Kamatari complains to Henya about setting him on fire cut. Kamatari's peeved reaction to Yahiko's question also cut. Yahiko's "I can't believe you'd blow up your own guys" moved up to cover the scene of Yahiko rising to his feet in front of Kamatari.

6) Shot of Henya slashing Yahiko's back cut.

7) Blood digitally removed from the wound on Yahiko's back.

8) Shot of blood running down the corner of Yahiko's mouth and dripping on his hand as he contemplates his strategy cut.

9) Not an Edit... Blood left on Yahiko's face as he rises to his feet.

10) Blood digitally removed from Yahiko's back as Henya blasts him back into the door.

11) Blood again digitally removed from Yahiko's back as he takes down Henya.

12) Shot of Henya's face as he vomits blood in response to Yahiko's attack cut.

13) Blood digitally removed from Yahiko's forehead as he stands over the fallen Henya. However the blood on his mouth remains.

14) Blood digitally removed from the fallen Henya's mouth while eyelids were digitally added to his eyes.

15) Blood and wound digitally removed from Yahiko's back just before he collapses in the street.

16) Kamatari's "You see? It's like I told you no matter what you do you're all going to die in the end" after Yahiko collapses cut.

17) Spittle spray digitally removed from Misao's mouth as Kamatari's ball and chain catches her in the gut.

18) Kamatari's "I thought they'd attack my lower regions" changed to "I thought they'd attack my vitals" after his chain scythe is snapped.

19) Kaoru's "We couldn't attack his manhood because the chain scythe was in the way" changed to "We couldn't attack his vitals because the chain scythe was in the way."

20) Kamatari's "You can't be a queen if you don't take everything seriously you know. I'm not Shishio's best guy or his best woman. I'm just someone who fits somewhere right in the middle. That's all I am" to Misao as he faces off against Kaoru cut.

21) X-ray shot of Kamatari's knee shattering under Kaoru's attack cut.

22) Shot of Kamatari attempting suicide with the needle from his obi before Misao knocks him out cut.

Normal round of blood edits for the most part but again the most interesting edits center around Kamatari. I see no reason for edit #20. It was a rather important bit of dialogue for the insight into why Kamatari fights with the Juppongatana.

Kyle Pope

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