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Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door

by Kyle Pope,
Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's door...

An "R" rated movie on Adult Swim coming through largely intact. Oh the doors this opens up. I'm really looking forward to Evangelion now.

1) Spike's "And you take too long to take a shit!" changed to "And you take too long to take a crap!" when 4th robber comes out of the bathroom.

2) Pan up Faye's body through the shower curtain cut as Faye comes out of the shower to answer her phone.

3) Scene of Faye talking to Ed on the phone while in the shower zoomed to crop out Faye's cleavage.

4) Scene of man with glasses getting shot through the head during Spike's gun battle with Vincent on the train cut.

5) Scene of Vincent's bullet blasting out of Spike's body after being shot on the train cut.

6) Not an edit... Scene of topless Electra bandaging her wound left in. (This scene showed a lot more of Electra than we saw of Faye in the shower yet Faye's shower scene was edited.)

7) Not an edit... All scenes of Faye with her top cut open unedited. (Yet they edited the shower scene which showed nothing. Confusing.)

8) Chief's "shit" muted out when the Mars Army arrives at the water treatment plant.

9) Scene of Chief saying "shit" when his subordinate informs him of the arrival of the Mars Army cut.

10) Scene of Vincent's bullet hitting Spike during the fight on the tower cut.

11) Not an edit... Scene of Spike's bullet hitting Vincent during the fight on the tower left in. (Explain this one.)

12) End credits sped up.

I've seen some confusing edits out of CN before but this was unique. Virtually the same scenes back to back and one is cut while the other isn't.

Of the three semi-nude scenes in the movie they edit the one that exposes the least amount of skin. All things considered though they did show a lot for what is an "R" rated movie airing on Adult Swim. If this pays off it paves the way for previously thought to be unairable anime on Adult Swim. But then we do have Evangelion to look forward to.

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