Editor's Note - 4/3/99

Wow... I can't believe it's finally done. This is the biggest update to ANN since it lost the "steaming pile of crap" look around last October, when we finally broke through with the big Mixx story. I must say that while I am pleased with the results, we will be doing some tweaking later on...

Some notes regarding the upgrade... Many of the changes are "under the hood", making ANN either easier to update or just plain more efficient. The changes are somewhat obvious, so here's what we'll be focusing on in the near future:

  • Some better colors for links

  • Better main page layout

  • Faster load times for graphics

    Those of you who have been filling out the survey have been most helpful, and the few of you that didn't really like the new layout have been quite forthcoming with ideas. We have a few of our own, but if you have some thoughts that you think can make ANN better, we'd certainly love to hear from you!

    One thing just about everyone whose taken the survey has asked for is reviews of things that aren't available commercially. We'll certainly be doing this in the future (right now, though, we have a rather large stack (40+) of commercial tapes to review -- look forward to a review of EVERYTHING AnimeVillage has ever put out!!), but in the mean time, we'll be starting a new weekly column for titles that we're SURE will never, ever be licensed in America, barring some complete nervous break-down on the part of the companies. Look forward to that this week!

    Regarding the web board... uh... sorry about that. It worked when I tried it, but I guess it needed a bit more testing. We'll get that new system up and running as soon as we can.

    Thanks for reading ANN!


    Justin Sevakis,

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