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Episode 01 - 2nd part (15:53) - Soon after Panty lost her panties to the ghost-car, her panties got caught on ghost-car's head, so he starts to lick it - It's a reference to Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai episode 3 - when Arumi's panties got caught on the oni's head and he also starts to lick the panties - both animes are Gainax's productions

Episode 2, Part A offers references to the "Ghostbusters" franchise with a character outfitted and equipped similarly to those from that series.

The final scene of episode 3A is a reference to the anime "Michiko to Hatchin". The director of "Michiko to Hatchin" also worked on this episode.

Several figures of famous characters can be seen on Stocking's shelf. In no order: Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from "The Nightmare Before Christmas", Lenore, Mr. Gosh, and Raggamuffin from the comic "Lenore", Annabelle from the comic "Nightmares & Fairy Tales", Death Jr. from the comic "Death Jr.", and Frankenweenie from the Tim Burton movie "Frankenweenie".

Episode 9 features a ghost crab which acts just like the mechanical crab from Mahoromatic (also done by Gainax) and starts stripping people

"Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" was inspired by, of all things, the N. American animated show "Drawn Together." Quote-unquote: *** [PSG creator] Hiromi Wakabayashi is the twisted mind behind the initial idea for "Panty and Stocking"... Someone asked him about the inspiration behind the show. “A few years ago I along with other Gainax staffers at an american convention were watching the American tv animation “drawn together” and we couldn’t believe they were showing such explicit things on tv….. I thought…why don’t we do that!”... Hiromi also sighted "Power Puff Girls" and his love for American shows like "Glee" and "Gossip Girl." Hiromi is also a huge fan of American comics! ***

The post-transformation speech given by the Demon Sisters is a parody of the Team Rocket motto from Pokemon, where the girls say each of them names while posing, and ending with Fastener popping up to say his name.

In episode 2a, during the montage, at around 05:28, you could see Viral, a character from Gurren Lagann, standing in the back on the left side of the screen. In the next scene, you could see more characters created by Gainax standing in the background in a crowd. Just to name a few, theres Naota Nandaba, Haruko Haruhara, Viral (again), Kamina, Simon, and Nia,

When the camera pans underground in episode 6, You can see Boota from Gurren Lagann

In episode 6, the introduction of the Demon sisters Scanty and Kneesocks is reminiscent of the Black Beauty Sisters from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, both their style of speech and the crossing of their tails.

in episode 7 part B, Stocking spends $300,000.00 on rare delicacies... Among the items she bought is the Behelit from the manga/anime Berserk.

In episode 7 part A, the characters Osutimus and Mesutron have a resemblance to Optimus Prime and Megatron from the Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay.

In episode 8 part 1 this a parody of High School of the Dead

In episode 10, there were various parody of popular music artists including Nirvana's "Nevermind" album cover, The Beatle's "Abbey Road" album cover and My Chemical Romance's "Desolation Row" music video

In episode 10, one of the famous album covers parodied was Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell".

In episode 10, one of the bands being parodied was Gorillaz- Panty as 2-D (with the exception of yellow eyes and sharp teeth), Stocking as Murdoc (back when Murdoc had a pink eye), Garterbelt as Russel (Garterbelt kept his afro in contrast to the always bald Russel), and Chuck as Noodle (back when Noodle was young wearing a helmut).

In episode 13, the scene where Panty and Brief look at each other through the fish tank is a parody, or a reference, to the movie Romeo+Juliet (starring Leondardo DiCaprio).

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