Battle Angel Alita - Angel of Chaos (GN 7)

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Title: Battle Angel Alita - Angel of Chaos
Volume: GN 7
Pages: 216
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2004-12-01
Suggested retail price: $9.95
Age rating: 17+

ISBN-10: 1591162785 1591162785
ISBN-13: 9781591162780 9781591162780

Alita meets Kaos, the son of mad scientist Desty Nova, who uses his psychometric powers to repair Alita's cyborg body after she falls into a sinkhole. A refurbished Alita finally goes head to head against the forces of Barjack and is ready to kill their leader, Den, when she's unexpectedly betrayed. When the pair meets up again, Alita discovers the secret relationship between Den and Kaos...

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