Dragon Ball - Fortune Teller Baba Saga Set (DVD)

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Title: Dragon Ball - Fortune Teller Baba Saga Set
Volume: DVD
Running time: 322
Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment

Release date: 2004-03-09
Suggested retail price: $39.98
Age rating: NR

SKU: FN04042
UPC: 704400040429 704400040429

Commander Black is on the attack! And if this isn’t enough to worry about, Goku has no idea where the last Dragonball is located. Master Roshi tells him that the mysterious Fortuneteller Baba is skilled in locating things lost. Baba agrees to help Goku and his companions on one condition: they must first defeat her best 5 fighters, each one stronger and more sinister than the one before! Goku faces his most mind-blowing opponent yet. How will he fare against someone who knows him so well? While Goku, Yamcha, and Krillin battle for the location of the 7th Dragonball, evil Emperor Pilaf saves them the trouble and steals it for himself! Goku must find a way to blast through a bionic bird stuffed with Pilaf and his crew and reunite all 7 Dragonballs. The combined power of the Dragonballs summons the Eternal Dragon to grant one wish. Just who will be the one to make the wish and for what will they ask?

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