High School DxD (GN 8)

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Title: High School DxD
Volume: GN 8
Pages: 160
Distributor: Yen Press

Release date: 2016-04-19
Suggested retail price: $13
Age rating: 18 Years

ISBN-10: 031631496X 031631496X
ISBN-13: 9780316314961 9780316314961


"I wanna do dirty things with the President!" Issei wildly pitches this explosive straight ball at an all-important conference!

Archangels, devil kings, and fallen angels come together at the "Three-Way Deadlock Conference," but a mysterious power crashes the party to attack the peace-seekers...! And when a dastardly bunch of villains sets its sights on Gaspard's unique powers, Issei gives them a taste of his raging fists, all to protect his dear kouhai!

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