Interview: Anime Play

by Isaac Alexander,
Anime News Network has completed an interview with Aldo Donnaloia, who's the Sales Manager for the newest North American Anime DVD Magazine Anime Play.

ANN: Can you tell us a bit about your new magazine?

Aldo: Anime Play will be both a print magazine, and a DVD magazine. It will come in two parts. The print part will have 48 pages of content in it while the rest of the content will be on the dvd. It will be a Bi-Monthly publication(6 issues a year). It will retail for $9.99.

ANN: When can expect to see this on store shelves?

Aldo: The street date is set for June 3rd. We hope to have it in regular mainstream retailer stores(Best Buy, Suncoast, etc...) at this time. It'll also be available through Diamond Distributers for Comic Book retailers. This magazine will only be available in North America at this time.

ANN: What will be on the DVD part of Anime Play?

Aldo: We hope to have most of the total content between both the print magazine and the dvd, on the dvd. The DVD will include news, reviews, interviews of people in the industry, as well as reports from anime conventions, trailers of anime(but they'll be called commercials), fan art, and a much more items. We're not going to put a full episode of a tv series on issue of our magazine. We'll have a mininum of 1 hr of content. There will also be original webmanga, that will read like a choose your own adventure.

Thanks to Lance Heiskell of Funimation for the news tip on this new publication.
ANN: What type of language will it be published in?

Aldo: It will be published in english. The dvd will just have content on one side.

ANN: How big is your staff for the publication? Who are you affiliated with?

Aldo: We have 3 in America. The rest in staff is located in Japan. We're connected with the Carrot Corporation out of Tokyo Japan.

ANN: Where can people meet you in person?

Aldo: The conventions we'll be at this year include events we'll be following: Anime Central, A-Kon, Anime Expo, Comic-Con, & Otakon.

ANN: When will the website be operational?

Aldo: We hope to have the website up and running when the publication launches in June. It will have general information about the dvd magazine, as well as ways to subscribe to the magazine online.

ANN: Any final words you wish to discuss about your new magazine?

Aldo: Yes, if you'd like to submit fan art, please email it to me at
aldo (at by April 15, to be included in the premier issue. Also, if you believe you have a talent for writing or doing art work, please send your work to the same address.

Anime News Network would like to thank Lance Heiskell of Funimation for the news tip on this feature.

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