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Anime Spotlight: C³ -Cube x Cursed x Curious-

by Justin Sevakis,
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C3 -Cube x Cursed x Curious-

Premieres Fall 2011


A Curse and Conflict--That was the fate cast upon one young girl.


Haruaki Yachi is a high school student living alone in an old solitary home. When he wakes to a suspicious sound in his kitchen, he finds... a naked rice thief. The woman calls herself "Fear" and claims to be a cursed tool who has come Yachi's home to remove her curse. Since he's affected by the curse, Fear ends up moving in with Haruaki, and that's where the story begins.

A wide variety of organizations are out to worship, study, or even destroy this cursed tool, however--, so it's up to Haruaki and his neighbors Konoha and Kuroe, to fight them and defend Fear, who is no slouch herself. Lots of action (and some occasional fan service) ensues!


Haruaki Yachi
VA: Yuuki Kaji
A high school student, who happens to be immune to the effects of curses. He's also good at domestic chores, especially cooking. People tell him that his hobbies and style are plain and unfashionable, but he's incredibly good-natured, and the type who can't leave a person in trouble alone.
VA: Yukari Tamura
Formerly a cursed, black cube known as "Fear In Cube," Fear is capable of taking the shape of 32 different torture devices. She's trying to undo the curse upon her. Because she's spent a long time away from the world, she knows little about it. Her catchphrase is "I'll curse you!"
Konoha Masamura
VA: Minori Chihara
Her true identity is the Japanese sword known as the demonic sword Muramasa. Like Fear, she came to Haruaki's home several years ago hoping to undo her curse. She's afraid to see blood due to the curse's reaction to it. She's a young lady who's kind, caring, has big boobs, and loves meat.
Kirika Ueno
VA: Eri Kitamura
She's the class president of Haruaki's class. She seems to be related to the cursed items, and because of that the clothing she wears is rather unrevealing for modern high school girls. She's calm and collected. Her catchphrase is "How foolish."


Haruaki Yachi
Yuuki Kaji
Yukari Tamura
Konoha Muramasa
Minori Chihara
Kirika Ueno
Eri Kitamura
Chiwa Saito
Shiraho Sakuramairi
Yuka Iguchi
Peavey Valoy
Sayaka Ohara
Mummy Maker
Kuroe Ningyouhara
Yui Ogura
Taizo Hakuto
Takuma Terashima
Kana Miyama
Kana Azumi


Original Creator
Hazuki Minase
Original Character Design
Shin Onuma
Series Composition
Michiko Yokote
Character Design
Miwa Oshima
Action Director
Yoshinari Saito
Music Production
Starchild Records
Animation Production

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