Fushimi Orchestra Novel Series Gets Live-Action Film

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Koh Akizuki's Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra adaptation stars Shōta Takasaki, Yūsuke Arai

Koh Akizuki's Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra boys' love novel series is receiving a live-action film adaptation slated to open in Japan next spring. The film will include the story from the original 1994 novel Kanreizensen Conductor (Cold Front Conductor). Shōta Takasaki (Takumi-kun Series 5: Ano Hareta Aozora) will play the music teacher Yuuki Morimura, and Yūsuke Arai (Gekiatsu~Manatsu no Etude~) will play the conductor Kei Tonoin.

In the original novel series, Tonoin is a concertmaster and conductor for an amateur orchestra, and he falls in love with Morimura after hearing his music. Morimura, concertmaster for another amateur orchestra, is in love with a the group's female flutist Natsuko Kawashima. The story follows the two men's developing romantic relationship.

Kadokawa Shoten published Fuyu no Tabi (Winter Travel; pictured), the seventh novel in Akizuki's drama series, with illustrations by Keiko Nishi and Sei Gotou on November 30. AIC produced an adult original anime video project based on the the story in 1998.

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