Hana-Kimi's Shun Oguri Returns to Doraemon on TV, in Film

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Oguri plays mega-popular idol modeled after himself; Nana Mizuki, Kouichi Yamadera also star

Actor Shun Oguri (Hana Yori Dango, Hana-Kimi, Detective Conan, Uchū Kyōdai, Arakawa Under the Bridge) will reprise his role of "Shun Amaguri" in the Doraemon anime — not only in the television series this month, but also in the next Doraemon film in March. Oguri first played "Shun," a mega-popular idol modeled after himself, in a guest role last July.

In last year's "Yo-Jigen Pocket ni wa Spare ga Atta no da" ("I've Got a Spare Four-Dimensional Pocket") episode, the school boy Nobita takes his robot cat Doraemon's spare magical pocket without telling Doraemon. Nobita's rich classmate Suneo had boasted about getting Amaguri's autograph, so Nobita and his friend Shizuka use Doraemon's spare pocket to break into Amaguri's home to get an autograph — but not everything goes as planned.

"Shun Amaguri" will reappear in the two Doraemon episodes that will air on February 24 and March 2. The character will then appear in Doraemon: Nobita to Kiseki no Shima ~Animal Adventure~, the next Doraemon film which will open on March 3. In the film's story, "Shun" will make a personal visit to Suneo's home and introduce Suneo as his friend in front of everyone, pleasing Suneo to no end.

The new film takes Doraemon, Nobita, and their friends to an island paradise full of animals that would have otherwise gone extinct. Popular voice actress Nana Mizuki will play Koron, the cheerful daughter of the island's tribal chief. Another prolific voice talent, Kouichi Yamadera, will play Shaaman, the narcissistic "evil merchant who came from the future seeking the Golden Heracles." Masaharu Fukuyama, the male solo artist with the most music sales in Japan, is performing the theme song for the film. Like Oguri, Fukuyama played an alter ego version of himself, "Masaaki Fukuyama," in last year's Doraemon film, Doraemon: Shin Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan - Habatake Tenshi-tachi.

Source: Cinema Today

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